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        Constant temperature and humid

        Constant temperature and humidity program

        Constant temperature and humidity laboratory widely used in cotton, wool, chemical fiber, paper, packaging, tobacco production enterprises and quality inspection, fiber inspection and other departments, in accordance with ISO and GB standards, textiles, textile raw materials, paper, paper and cardboard boxes The inspection of the physical physical items of the goods must be carried out under standard atmospheric conditions.

        Textiles and textile raw materials to test the standard atmospheric pressure according to ISO139 and GB6529 standard, the temperature 20 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity of 65% ± 2%; paper, paper and cartons commodity inspection standards in accordance with ISO187 and GB10739 standard, ± 1 ℃, relative humidity 50% ± 2%.

        In addition to the conventional temperature and humidity of the constant temperature and humidity laboratory, there are other special 5-18 ℃ low temperature, 30-80 ℃ high temperature, relative humidity requirements of less than 40% RH low humidity, relative humidity higher than 80% RH high humidity and other special requirements Of the constant temperature and humidity laboratory.


        High temperature laboratory 30-80 ° C

        1, low humidity requirements, relative humidity <50% RH 2, high humidity requirements, relative humidity> 80% RH low temperature laboratory 10-15 ℃ 1, no relative humidity requirements

        2, with relative humidity requirements, relative humidity control range 30-50% constant temperature and humidity chamber composition:

        Laboratory air conditioning is the temperature and humidity control of the heart, requiring high precision, low failure rate. So air conditioning can be required to adjust the cooling capacity, there are two ways on the market: frequency adjustment and chilled water regulation.

        1, frequency adjustment: in fact, by changing the power supply properties and change the compressor power, so that the compressor to achieve low load or overload work, while regulating the cooling system throttle, it must add a lot of cumbersome links, and Each link must be perfectly matched, otherwise it will fail.

        2, chilled water regulation: the use of cold water around 7 ℃ as a cold source, through the electric valve to open or close the small to control the water flow, which easily control the cooling capacity, and electric valve structure as simple as household faucet, so the failure rate is almost zero. But its control is the effect is not high, after each adjustment in a certain period of time can only reach ± 5% RH.

        Design of constant temperature and humidity Purpose: To create a workplace for laboratory equipment to ensure its stable and reliable operation, to extend its service life, and to meet user requirements and the physical and mental health of the staff.
        Overall design: a comprehensive consideration of the relationship between the professional, strict coordination, so good, do not leak, do not touch ? Specific design: the use of advanced technology at home and abroad, both advanced, cost performance and reasonable environmental protection equipment and materials, into the human design concept.


        Construction features
        Precision air conditioning: whether your accuracy requirements are high or low?Is it a large area or a small area??Is it routine temperature and humidity or unconventional requirements??We can always choose the most suitable for your constant temperature and humidity precision air conditioning units.?We provide you with the precision air-conditioning is a world-class level of high-precision technology, high reliability, high reliability, high energy-saving products.?After years of application comparison test, for the high precision requirements of the place we use for you to use the French military technology development of the most advanced precision integrated frequency control constant temperature and humidity precision air conditioning.?The series of precision air conditioning maximum control accuracy according to the requirements, the temperature accuracy of +0.2 ℃, humidity control accuracy of + 1.5% RH.?Constant temperature and humidity precision air conditioning selection of the main considerations:

        A, control accuracy: the purpose of our construction laboratory is to build a technical standards to meet the requirements of the inspection and testing environment, so the control accuracy of the equipment can meet our requirements is the primary factor in precision air conditioning selection.?High precision constant temperature and humidity laboratory recommended the use of the most advanced complete analog control technology, precision air conditioning, analog control to ensure high precision, while the temperature and humidity is more stable.

        B, reliability: constant temperature and humidity laboratory is the production of product quality inspection and control and circulation of goods in the field of quality inspection check the infrastructure, the test to ensure the normal use of the laboratory, air conditioning units often run for a long time, which?Precision air-conditioning manufacturing process level, the main parts of the high demand.?Therefore, in the selection of precision air conditioning products when the maturity is a key consideration.
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