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        Hello, welcome to Zhuo for air conditioning electromechanical official website!

        _Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd

        Constant temperature and humid

        Constant temperature and humidity chamber project case

        Author: Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., LtdPublished: 2017-09-18 16:56:11Views:2123

        Dongguan Zhuo for the air-conditioning Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in 10 -30 million clean room design, construction, commissioning, testing, maintenance, purification equipment production, sales, air conditioning and industrial flooring, and other train services The company has the rigorous operation procedures and norms, can effectively guarantee the progress of the project and the quality of the project, mainly in the electronic, electronic and other products, the company has a long history of engineering, Microelectronics, optical, fiber optic cable, precision machinery, precision instruments, bio-medicine, fine chemicals, food and beverage, GMP plant, EDS workshop, LED dust-free workshop and many other industries, the company established a standard service procedures, The implementation of life-long tracking service, and free of charge during the warranty period of detection, maintenance and maintenance.

        We adhere to the customer as the center, after years of continuous development, with senior professional and technical, combined with standardized construction system, to provide customers with high quality and efficient clean room engineering, purification equipment and testing services. With the international standardization of testing tools and systems, customers can provide a full range of services. We always put scientific and technological progress on the important position of enterprise development, adhere to the advantages of leading technology to ensure that each project quality and technology leadership, to ensure quality, strict management, construction specifications, to ensure the duration, tracking service is consistent Promise of!

        Mainly engaged in the products are: clean bench, air shower, cargo shower, FFU, transfer window, purification lamps, all kinds of filters, automation equipment, anti-static equipment, clean room, clean room supplies.

        Professional system design, careful construction planning, strict quality management is the company's high quality of the basic guarantee.

        What is more important to us is:
        ● Adhere to your long-term cooperation is our goal from beginning to end.
        ● You put forward the task, we work together to explore the solution. Your question is both a challenge to our work and an incentive for us.
        ● We carefully help us focus on the work of the existing effect, standing on your position to look at your problem. We value your thoughts!
        ● study "clean workshop" problem has become our habit. Special dust-free workshop requires a special solution.
        We pursue the highest precision and top quality.
        ● For more information about our business. Welcome to contact us immediately!
        ● warmly welcome you to negotiate business.
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