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        A case of dust-free workshop of the South China Sea adhesive products in Foshan

        Author: Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., LtdPublished: 2018-03-19 15:10:42Views:2178

        Foshan Nanhai Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is located in Nanhai Lishui, Foshan, Guangdong, China. It is a manufacturer specializing in producing various kinds of adhesive tape, producing and selling adhesive tape, adhesive tape, stationery adhesive, double-sided adhesive, textured paper, kraft paper, packaging material and so on.
        The construction area of 1560 square meters, construction period of 45 working days, including the installation of the construction engineering design class clean room, coating workshop feeding end and the receiving end is static 1000, other areas are static: air conditioning and equipment containing 10000 parts, structural parts, air conditioning system, electrical lighting part, exhaust system, floor part etc.. The main equipments include: 40HP constant temperature and humidity air conditioning 1 sets, 50T cooling tower 1, 1500 air volume high efficiency air supply 13 sets, 500 air volume efficient air supply 2 sets, 1000 air volume FFU 2 sets, cargo shower room 1, air shower room 1, transmission window 1 station.
        The principle of purification:
        Air, early efficiency air treatment, air conditioning, the effect of air treatment, fan pressurization, purifying air ducts, efficient air delivery, clean room, remove dust (bacteria) to return to a new, early efficiency air treatment.
        The purification purpose can be achieved by repeating the above process.
        Technical parameters:
        Number: 15-25 / 10000 hours; pressure: the main workshop of adjacent clean room clean room for more than 5Pa; the non clean area is more than 10Pa;
        Temperature: in winter > 16 and 2, and in summer is 26 and 2.
        Relative humidity: 4565% (RH);
        The noise is less than or equal to 65dB (A);
        Fresh air supplement: 20% - 30% of the total air supply.
        Illumination: more than 300Lux.
        During the installation process, the Dongguan Zhuo followed the following points for purification.
        1, in addition to the conventional installation process, we must consider the cleanliness, sanitation and beauty of the construction objects and the construction environment. The construction process must comply with the relevant certification requirements.
        2 project, the installation process in the construction, the professional cross with the large amount of work, connect the process requirements, in the construction, Dongguan Zhuo for the purification of formulate detailed plan construction work, in strict accordance with the construction procedure of the construction, keep the environment clean and sanitary.
        3, the installation of construction machinery and equipment selection, materials and installation technology with higher operating requirements; process equipment, sophisticated manufacturing, and has small volume, light weight and trend, more equipment made of stainless steel.
        Install piping 4, pipeline must consider its appearance, as far as possible by the wall layout. In construction, we must pay attention to coordinating the relationship between all kinds of work and determine the order of construction, so as to ensure mutual interference and ensure the elevation and slope of pipeline installation, so as to facilitate future maintenance.

        Post completion effect map:

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