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        Hello, welcome to Zhuo for air conditioning electromechanical official website!

        _Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd

        Industry Project Illustration

        Industry profile/Industry Profile

        According to the China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS-AL06), the laboratory accreditation field is classified, covering biological, chemical, mechanical, electrical, consumer goods, phytosanitary, quarantine, medical equipment, veterinary, construction and building materials, nondestructive testing, Compatible, special equipment and related equipment, software products and information security products.
        Most of these laboratories are required to be completed in a clean room or a common clean room to comply with national mandatory regulations and to ensure that the results are true, reliable and preventable, especially in the health care industry.

        Its main supporting facilities are:

        1, Class 1K, 10K, 100K sub-product needs have different levels of clean room;
        2, pure water, exhaust, compressed air, waste water, disinfection and other production supporting system;

        Customer service
        - Guangdong Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
        - Jiangsu Jinhe Technology Co., Ltd
        - Guangdong Enrui Medical Technology Co., Ltd

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        Sketch Map

        To microbiology laboratory, for example, the laboratory according to the experimental object and use requirements, divided into general production area, control area, set staff for shoes, men and women a second dressing room, hand washing, hand disinfection, Corridors, sterilization room, culture room, storage room and so on.
        Personnel flow direction: changing shoes, changing clothes, hand washing, hand disinfection - air shower channel - clean corridor - laboratory, security gate in the corridor, easy evacuation.

        - Other related introduction

        Dongguan City Zhuo for the air-conditioning Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, has always insisted to create a harmonious environment for people and the environment, sustainable development of the fine project as the goal. From the design of the purification project to the construction of the project, Zhuo are uphold the perfection and excellence, so that the project in line with the requirements of customers, but also to reduce the use of the project cost, improve the efficiency of the pursuit of more scientific and perfect, with a view to Our valued customers bring the greatest benefits for our beautiful natural environment and reduce energy consumption.

        Zhuo for purification in the course of ten years of growth, the combination of a large number of professional, more technical personnel and more than 100 construction technology excellent technical workers. For your purification and air conditioning projects efficient, high quality to provide a solid guarantee. Our professional design, hospital purification works, operating room transformation, obstetrics and gynecology clean room, the construction of 100 purification, thousands of purification, 10,000 purification, 100,000 purification, three hundred thousand clean clean space. Zhuo for the purification of central air-conditioning equipment suppliers York, Daikin, Hitachi, the United States, Gree and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad to maintain a close working relationship for our customers to provide high-quality products to provide a solid guarantee.
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